Just a quick note for…

Just a quick note for today, tomorrow I will add more personal experiences that may resonate of with some of my Fibro Peers.
Today, I want to share a great activity that has really assisted me over the last month. (Note: I was rear-ended in 2012. I was stopped at a red light but a van behind did not stop; hit the rear of my car at 30mph. I have spent the time since then, recovering from many things). This “adult coloring book” really allows me to space out and remove myself from pain and negative thoughts! Please see link.
Tomorrow I plan to discuss doctors and the realities we Fibro Peers all deal with.


One thought on “Just a quick note for…

  1. Lucinda Tart July 31, 2015 / 9:12 pm

    I am sorry about the post below. I added a link to a great site for the coloring books, but, I don’t see it included. You can google the subject and get lots of great sites. As for coloring tools, Michaels has lots of fantastic options. They can be pricey so search around your town or the internet for other options. There are always kids crayons but I find that the brands like “Derwent” have fantastic colors and can be used as a wet look.


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