Tuesday’s Flare Up of Fibromyalgia

Hello Fibro Peers,

Tuesday, I experienced a flare up of my usual fibro pain. There were likely to two factors that contributed to this; a tropical storm brought thunder clouds in, lowering the barometric pressure and I have been experiencing both emotional and physical stress. Physical stress was obvious as a definite trigger for flares right away. I also learned about the barometric pressure trigger early on while living life with fibromyalgia. It took me several years to connect emotional stress to triggers. What did I learn about trying to avoid these triggers? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible, for all but weather changes. I learned to break up my chores into pieces. I stretch, walk and change positions frequently. I limit my outside errands to a few hours. When I was in university, obtaining my MSW, I started very slowly and increased until full-time was doable. This did not mean I did not ever flare; I did. I used Disabled Student Services to mediate my class work and internships. Emotional stress is something that can not always be avoided but I can make a choice about how much focus I put on a problem.

Despite living with well with fibro, life goes on. This last week has been extra stressful for me. There is not much I can do to change it, but I do things every day that take my mind away from it. Through journaling I learned that I can handle about 75% of stress for about a week. After that point, I experience a flare up. I have come to accept this as a part of my life. I load up the table with water, medication, meditative music on the ipod and fluff the pillows.

I wait it out. I waited and today I feel like I usually do; ready to tackle my life with mindful attention to my triggers. I have other triggers, but these are the most important ones for me to track as my day and my life journeys on.

As usual, any questions or comments, please indulge!




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