Speaking of Doctors, Medications and “Triggers”

Dear Fibro Peers,

I hope you all had a day of living well. My day has been a day of achieving what I my most important items on that “to do list” we all keep. My area is under a severe weather alert for dry lightening tonight through tomorrow. I bring this up as I just discussed a trigger of mine for fibro flares is barometric pressure changes; I am gearing up for another! I also discussed medications. In a very early blog post, I discussed doctors. It’s time to talk a bit more about these important three items.

Triggers. What do I mean? Everyone I have ever spoken to has items that cause them to have increased pain loads. These are commonly called triggers. There are many we all have in common, like barometric changes. There are others that are more inter-personal, such as foods. This is why I strongly suggested keeping a very detailed journal of daily activities of your life (ADL’s) to pinpoint yours. This allows you to understand your pain and make informed decisions about what or how to approach your ADL’s. It takes at least a year to understand what exactly yours are. A large part of this is the fibro-fog that affects us to a greater or lesser degree. I will discuss this “fog” in greater detail in a later blog post, basically it feels like your mind is filled with quilting fluff, stopping your ability to formulate simple sentences.

Doctors. Get ready for a long journey. Again, most fibro peers go through a barrage of tests and doctors to finally get a diagnosis. Usually two years. It took me on a journey of over ten doctors, dozens of tests and two years to be diagnosed. Most of us, including me, find our best bet is a Rheumatologist. A word of caution, do your research! Look for a specialist in this field that believes in, and treats, fibromyalgia. This can be difficult.

Medication. There are other means of treatment that don’t include western medicine. Fibro Peers have found homeopathic, massage work, supplements, diet changes and acupuncture to work for them. Taking western medicine may or may not be what you desire. It may or may not work. Often, we go through several different types of medications to find what works best. Please, follow your path. Check with your doctors to get medical assistance.

More later,


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