Link for easy meals using slow cooking; Fibro Survivors need easy methods in their life

Hello Peers!

I wanted to discuss cooking here. Simply put we still wish to eat healthy and well but can’t always deal with standing and chopping in the kitchen. I found a popular Blog site that addresses this:

I was used to cooking all my meals from scratch prior to my first years with fibromyalgia. I resorted to spending outrageous amounts of money on take-out dinners. In retrospect, using a crockpot would have been a much better solution. I enjoy organic foods but any ingredients on this site can be substituted with organic, or, take out those items you don’t or won’t eat.

There has been a lot of attention put on the foods we eat and how they affect our health. Processed foods are becoming a no no! I understand that we can’t all afford only organic but I would suggest that you get in the habit of reading labels. The longer a label is the worse the ingredients! Andrew Weil has a wonderful, free website with lots of information about how our bodies work and what to eat to create a more optimum health. Fibromyalgia pain is inflammatory pain. Processed foods cause an imbalance in anti-inflammatory worker bees in our bodies, allowing inflammation to occur.

I am greatly simplifying this here. Please see attached article:

It is from the National Fibromyalgia Research Association 🙂

Keep the link as a bookmark, it has loads of assistance for living Well.

Lucinda, Fibro Peer


2 thoughts on “Link for easy meals using slow cooking; Fibro Survivors need easy methods in their life

  1. dearlilyjune August 13, 2015 / 3:31 am

    This is helpful advice for anyone, even those who don’t have Fibromyalgia!


    • Lucinda Tart August 13, 2015 / 7:27 am

      Thank you dearlilyjune! I know from working as an advocate for those with different life abilities, that your blog posts are freshingly honest. Too many of us hide in shadows; thanks for stepping out.


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