Youtube Video “How to use the Thera-Cane to Release Trigger Points”

I am going to link this video with a word of caution. Myofascial release or trigger point release/work, is very important, but for any of us who have not used this device before or had a professional work on you, take it slower. In this video, he advises at least three minutes. He also discusses using it on the trigger point until it “releases”. Unless one understands how a released muscle feels, how on earth does one know that it did? I generally press on a tight point for about a minute, very gently. Not even a two arm drop, like in this video. Less is more.

I am certified in a technique called “Orthobionomy”, a type of massage designed to release the fascia. I know when my muscle is too tight and when it releases. For all the Peers who do not, a visit to a specialist would be a great way to get started and learn how to feel this yourself.

What is myofascia? What is fascia? Fascia is in virtually every part of our bodies! Our tendons are fascia. Our ligaments are fascia. The fascia surrounds our muscles, it even surrounds our vital organs. Technically, it is the largest part of our body. No wonder fibromyalgia travels so easily from muscle to tendon, to arm, to……

Myofascial Release and Self Massage

Let me know your success stories,

Lucinda, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Coach Advisor


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