Today I feel Upset Because I Can Not Do it All!

Hello Peers,

Today is one of those days when I when want to sit and cry. I really want to clean the whole house, get a job and finally deal with all those boxes in the garage. I am not going to cry. I am fighting my anger at not being able to do all that I wish to do. What I am going to do is do what is important today. I have to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, so that is the chore I am doing. I am going to walk my best friend, Tug, at the dog park located on the shore of the bay.

Walking my dog is not easy these days, however, it gives me fresh air, sunshine and the joy of watching him run. It also allows me to socialize. And, bonus, I get exercise 🙂

Here is a link that helps remind me, and you, about these days of just plain feeling frustrated!

Fibromyalgia and New Ways to Live

Lucinda, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Coach Advisor


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