Another post from “Turning Straw Into Gold”; Well Meaning Advice on Cures

Things People May Suggest that Do Not Work for You; it’s OK

Yesterday, my wonderful neighbor suggested probiotics and living my life in the Ayurvedic style. This would assist or maybe cure me. Since I began living with Fibromyalgia I have had dozens and dozens of “answers” to my chronic pain. I understand these have all been given as loving/caring advice. Sometimes, I just feel irritated. They don’t stop telling me their beliefs, and, how can I kindly disagree? With family and close friends I can accomplish this. Still, I know I upset them. They truly believe in what they are handing me and leave the conversation believing I am just not willing to get well. Sigh.

I blog about my personal journey. I add links that I personally feel would assist me, and you. Understand that I have no agenda here. If something feels right for you, that is great. If not, I get it. Take what you want and leave the rest.

The above link is added because of I relate to all the advice. People just wish to help.

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Coach Advisor


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