Talking about the dreaded “Exercise” when Living Well with Fibromyalgia

DVD’s; Researched for Chronic Pain

Good Evening Peers,

I know that I have not done nearly enough for my body during the last 16 years; shame on me. When I was diagnosed, this was not emphasized as a means for less pain and better living. I sure wish I knew this on some intuitive basis. During the 10 years I spent in college and university, I was active. I walked to school, sat in classes and went out some evenings. Most evenings I just walked several blocks to the local movie theater, but, hey, it hurt but I stayed in shape. I had muscle mass and more movement in my arms and shoulders. There were definitely days when doing any of these things were impossible. Bed, sleep, eat and getting to the bathroom were my accomplishments.

During the last two years, my exercise, such as it is, has virtually disappeared. Again, being rear-ended just took me out of all ADL’s (activities of daily living). This is not the subject of this blog, but it is relevant to my pain. Now that I can use my right knee, a little better, (and my brain can process thoughts a bit better), exercise has become the most important item on my agenda. I am a member of the YMCA and plan to start water walking tomorrow :)! By the way, for anyone who is low income they offer inexpensive memberships. Check it out.

Walking my dog is a daily thing, but walking him for longer than 30 minutes is a big push. I enjoy letting him get his exercise but in order to let him run free I have to drive for 20 minutes to a large, open off-leash park. This doesn’t happen very often. Going water walking is only a 10 minute drive to the Y; doable. Of course there is the dreaded pain overload when I restart this regime, so getting back home, yikes. I will do it anyway. While the YMCA offers many other classes with a low income membership, they are tailored for the person who is fit, or trying to get fit and is able to push through the class. This is not me.

I found this fantastic link today. A 25 year, researched approach to helping those with Fibromyalgia exercise with adaptions for chronic pain. Finally! The DVD’s cost money, yes, they do. However, I intend to purchase the stretching DVD next month. Knowing that moving my body is healthy, will allow my muscle mass to rebuild and reduce my pain is absolutely worth $30. I enjoyed movement in my upper back. I loved being able to use my arms for simple tasks. I definitely desire less pain, which equals less medications.

Any Peer out there have any exercise tips?

Gentle Hugs,

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Coach Advisor


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