Mindfulness Month, Day 1: Thirty-One Days of Mini Meditations and Mindfulness Exercises

I like this simple mediation exercise, anyone can practice this, anywhere. I will add that you do not have to be alone. You can sit on park bench or in your car in a busy parking lot. Thank you.


Portland, Maine Summer can be the perfect time to practice taking relaxing timeouts.

What will happen if a person takes five minutes every day for one month to practice being present and relaxed?

I plan to find out. Taking at least five minutes of my day to meditate, i.e., to get deliberately mindful, is my goal for this month. And by meditate, I don’t mean anything fancy or difficult.

I’ve read that even five minutes of meditation or mindfulness a day can help us de-stress. I believe it’s the practice of consistency, rather than big chunks here and there, that provide the best effects, largely because that awareness gets threaded into our consciousness in a more pervasive way. With consistency, we simply become more aware of our breath, of our anxiety, of our attempts to multitask and live in the past, present, and future all at the same time and as if…

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