Getting Enough Rest, and, Getting out of the House in a Hour or Less

Hi Peers,

This subject is one I have perfected over the last several years. Until three years ago I was in University full-time for ten years, and, performing 26 hours a week in internships (during my undergraduate days it was about 15 hours a week). Being under this much pressure to perform well in classes, constant research papers and wit my additional interning hours, getting enough sleep became a problem even bigger than usual. Anyone who works full-time while living Well with Fibromyalgia also understands this need.

I was generally up until at least 1am working on papers. I did my best to schedule all classes in the afternoon, back to back. This allowed me to try to get at least three hours in a row of sleep. In order to try to get those , hours I usually spent nine to ten hours in bed. I have posted before that for me to keep up with a clean house I break up household chores into pieces, thereby creating time to focus on showering, dressing and breakfast when I got up in those late mornings. Many days I needed to get to school within an hour of awakening. This was when my perfect method of leaving the house in an hour or less became a routine.

I worked on my papers and reading at night, interspersed with dishes or vacuuming, whatever was on my daily list of “need to do most urgently” list. I finished up and then quickly checked on the weather forecast for the next day. Next up, what to wear? I pulled out an outfit with a few extra items by on the side in case the weather changed or I was just dissatisfied with the outcome of my look. Makeup, right by the side of the sink enclosed in an inexpensive, but nice, box. Open, grab the usual items and proceed to put on the usual look, after dressing and starting coffee. My books and note pads, laptop and the rest would be by the door waiting for me to grab.

That’s it. Done, coffee in holder cup with lid, breakfast bar and banana in hand, bag over shoulder with books, light jacket in arm, keys and out the door in 60 minutes. This is a basic synopsis of what I did today, in 45 minutes.  However,just as I was finishing, I received a telephone call explaining that my appointment was rescheduled for next week. Oh well. I took the positive and slowed down. I changed my outfit to another, posted this blog and now I am going to walk my dog. One more, still, scheduled appointment in an hour and a quick stop at the grocery store. My purse, snack, jacket and rest are sitting by the door waiting for me to jump in the car 🙂

Wishing you all the simplest of preparations and a gentle day,

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer advocate/Life Skills Advisor


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