Hello Peers and Fellow Bloggers,

I created this site to advocate and hopefully give us all useful tips in living with Well with chronic pain. I see that I have several visitors daily, but I never receive any “likes” or “comments” about my posts. It would help me tremendously to have this feedback. After all, I don’t want to waste your time. If the posts are not useful, please let me know. If they are useful, let me know about that too.
All the best,
Lucinda Tart


One thought on “Hello Peers and Fellow Bloggers,

  1. Reblogged this on livingyournewlifewithchronicpain and commented:

    Happy Sunday! I overdid it yesterday, so today I am taking it very easy. I am doing my best to stay upright and do a few light items instead of heading straight back to bed. The more I do this, despite how horrible I feel, the more time I find that I can sit up before returning to bed. Bed is always the last option for me these days, and, I am discovering that staying in my bed causes worse, and longer, pain than being up for as long as possible. This is a new learning curve for me; I like it!
    I am going to repost the above comment every few weeks. I really want to have your comments or just a “like” so I know that what I am spending time researching and sharing with my Peers is useful information.
    All the best


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