Yesterday was my Young Adult Daughter’s Birthday! She was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 18

Good Afternoon Peers,

I spent yesterday with my daughter. It was her birthday; she turned 26. I remember when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was devastated. I blamed myself due to the genetic component. I spent the next several years blaming myself, it was very depressing and distressing. I no longer engage in these thoughts and feelings. She is proof that you can live a Well life despite having chronic pain.

She works 26 hours+ a week. She only takes two non-opioid drugs a day, and up to two low doses of opioid meds. She mostly uses alternative methods to assist her. She is always on the go, emphasizing how important activity is. She doesn’t discuss her aches and pains very often. This emphasizes the point of positive thinking being useful. She focuses her life on humor and being kind to others. In short, I am incredibly proud of this young lady, but more than that, she is a living example of what we all can try to achieve.

Tired today, but with all the activities we did together, I slept for six hours straight and then after waking up for 30 minutes, slept another five!

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Advisor


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