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This FB page created Fibrotoday; check them out

Fibrotoday Great Resource for More than Alternative Pain Relief

Today is a busy day  for me but I wanted to make sure I posted something, so I chose to add links to sites I use. These two sites are run by the same moderators, but deal in different arena’s (with some cross over). I chose FB Fibromyalgia Awareness’s site as another great forum to post and follow. It has great moderators who update research and post articles almost daily. I chose Fibrotoday’s link to alternative medication, CBD made with hemp oil, as this form of CBD is able to be shipped, legally, to anywhere in the States. Fibrotoday has much wider focus than just CBD! It has multiple platforms for chronic pain survivors.

This CBD topic is coming up more frequently every year, what else can one do besides use medications prescribed by doctors, that aren’t working for them? This is only one alternative method out there, but I know many who use it; alone or with their medications. Some have been able to wean themselves off medications completely! Based on research, comparing  the effects on the body of western medications and CBD or, THC, western medications lose hands down.

Our brains are pre-wired to have connections that attach to these compounds, CBD/THC, along with others found in both hemp and MJ plants. There are no adverse effects to the bodies systems, none. Western medication always comes with a long list of potential side effects and warnings. As survivors who live Well with chronic pain these side effects build up and can create numerous problems in our bodies.

I take medications and worry after 16 years of this that damage has been done. With all the buzz, it might be worth trying to save my organs.

*As always, this is not something I am advocating for you to use or to try. I am offering information, personal insights and research. Only you can decide what you wish to use for your pain. I am not involved with the Hemp  or Medical Marijuana industry. I am also not in the medical field.

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Coach


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