Chronic pain and freedom of art

Another inspiration to do art while you are in pain.


I live with chronic pain, and have done for many years, Iv been passed from doctor to doctor and being prescribed pain killers for years in hopes I would just “go away”. I never did as I know that living in this amount of pain is not normal. The catalyst for my own diagnosis was when my daughter 11 at the time became very poorly and after a few years of battles and living with my daughter who had changed from an outgoing , active happy child to a tired, depressed child in constant pain. It turned out she has CFS and fibromyalgia. I myself have fibromyalgia. We are so similar in our hobbies, the way we spend our time, and the things we enjoy, she is also a budding artist and is very good.

I feel very strongly that having a passion like painting, drawing helps with not only…

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