Today, Reblogging Others Posts and A bit of Research; I have a Surgical Procedure Tomorrow, No Posts Again Until Next Week

Healing Words and Vision

Surgery Reactions in Fibromyalgia Survivors

The above link was created by the doctor whose book was the only one available when I was diagnosed, written by Staryl and Copeland. Copeland later went on to found a wonderful new method of Wellness, WRAP, for persons suffering from life-long mental illnesses. Her program has grown to include persons who have been trained in her method using it for other populations. I use her general advice for my chronic pain and have used it in running groups for persons experiencing mental illness in the past. Her full name is, Mary Ellen Copeland, and all Peers should take a look at her “Red Book” and adapt it to themselves.

Red Book and WRAP

Further Information on WRAP for your Personal Interest

Useful Tips on Items to Discuss Prior to Surgery

This is a great link to print out and keep in your binder or daily reminder book. I have not personally used any of these tips, however, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee eight months ago and wish I had. I was in bed for longer than the average person, my knee hurt very intensely (not a normal reaction), and, for a very long time after. In fact, it still is not finished healing, has pain, and has developed further problems. I can not state that all is due to the surgery, but quite a lot of it is. I did discuss pain management prior to the surgery, this helped me quite a bit. Interestingly, I have read that receiving anenestia can temporarily stop the central pain sensitization, and for me, it did stop my overall pain for about two days :).

I will be back next week, “God willing and the crick don’t rise!”


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