Barometric Pressure; Rain has Arrived and I am Preparing for a Huge Life Change This Winter

el Nino 2015

The fall rain has arrived, yeah. Last night’s rain contributed to my overuse of my body and mind for the two Halloween events I attended Saturday. The events were short and simple; taking my dog to a parade in a pumpkin cover-up costume and several hours later an hour and a half visit to a haunting event. I only go out on this eve every decade, so I took the day to enjoy all the positive fun I had outside of my four walls. You all know what’s coming next, my brain began to become overwhelmed a half hour into the second event. Full flare by the middle of Saturday night. I was just coming out of the flare in the middle of Sunday night and here comes the rain.

I live in California and a “Godzilla El Nino” is forecast for this Fall and Winter, yeah. Thunderstorm clouds are still outside my window and my brain is moving a bit slow. This combined with my PCS and being overwhelmed at the”haunting event” is adding to my inability to find words to post for my Peers today. Oh, and did I mention that I am still in a medium flare this afternoon? Ok. I want to discuss how and if I can prepare in any way for this Godzilla of rain.

I don’t think so. In all the areas of my life that I can at least try to create Well health, controlling nature is not one I have figured out. I do know that if I pay attention to the daily forecast, I can have advance warning of whether there is a good chance that I will flare in increased pain the next day or later in the week. But, not always. Take today. When I got up it was sunny and it appeared that the rain was over. Now that afternoon has arrived, the thunder bumpers are beginning to increase my pain flare, again. So, what, if anything can be done about this weather; put simply, knowing and planning ahead.

This drastic change in my normal winter weather is a heads up to create a page in my daily reminder book to always stock up on those foods easily consumed in bed. Gather up my favorite books and DVD’s. Fluff the warm comforters and medium firm pillows. Buy a few extra ice packs for my neck pain. Remember to get up and walk my dog early in the day, because my pain will grow as the pressure drops. Do as much work on my small chores and projects on days when the sun is out. Lastly, buy myself two new comfy pajama outfits for the winter months.

As always, keep a positive attitude and remind my clients that weather effects my health so  expect me to cancel or move appointments. Anyone who knows how to help the effects of barometric pressure drop, leave me a comment. Sometimes I think of crazy things like covering my house in tinfoil 🙂

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Coach


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