Fibromyalgia; Just add in any New Pain and it’s Through the Roof for Us

Dear Peers,

I had my last injection of synovial fluid into my chondra patella cavity today. It hurts like a wasp is sitting between the femur and patella. It hurt like this during and after the first of three injections also. The second was fine. I am thoroughly puzzled; but, no, I am not. I suspect the culprit is Fibromyalgia.

I have no proof of this as truth. I do know that everything that happens that causes additional pain reactions in Fibromyalgia, along with other invisible illnesses, these injuries and procedures tend to cause us much more pain than those who don’t fit somewhere in the spectrum. I must say I am glad these shots are over and done with. Being angry and frustrated with this pain is far from over. As I sit here, blogging to you all, I know I have to get up and accomplish a very few errands. I have too. But, I can barely consider the thought of driving, walking and tackling the steps outside my front door; let alone using the leg with the knee pain to drive.

I inform my doctors about this reaction we have/I have. I informed him today. It did not do me any good. I doubt there actually is anything they could do in this particular situation. With surgery they can and should do things to assist us (use the search box for prior posts) but how can they stop our central pain dysfunction when we have to get something like an injection? If I had put on my thinking cap and used my toolkit, I would never have planned my day like this.

I would have known to stay home or do the chores prior to the injection. I am posting this today to reminder my Peers to use their Well living toolkits, to pre-plan for necessary medical procedures. Don’t be hopeful, be realistic. There are many things we can choose to assist ourselves with and others that we can plan for. If you have not yet started your daily journal for triggers, important information that you need and your support team need, do it today. Or tomorrow as it is late in the day now.

I am going to start posting a step by step plan for all of us to create a small, carry in hand, journal. This pain in my knee is causing my entire body to tense, which is causing me to not breath deeply, which is causing more pain from my friendly co-host, Fibromyalgia. So, I am going to breath; in, out, repeat. And go do what needs to be done. Afterwards I will not do my dishes or make chicken soup. I will rest, go to bed early and ice, ice, ice! Remember, I always say that despite our planned daily chores, they can always be pushed into the next day.

Silver lining to the moment :()

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Advisor


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