Second Step in Keeping a Journal for Pain and Triggers in Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia feelings at end of the day

This is the second step to add into your personal journaling of your day. These steps are meant to assist you in identifying your personal triggers, your steps towards health, medication tracking, and creating a personalized program to stay Well.

Step 2)  At the end of your day record what you did throughout that day. Keep it brief by jotting down the general errands, cleaning, or work chores.

a) Note three-four items from your day. Underneath each write what hurt, or increased your pain. Example, lifting a grocery bag, driving, pushing a vacuum, sitting at a desk.

b) Across the page write down the scale of your pain levels during each; use the Fibromyalgia Scale 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Remember, this is your private journal. If you felt a pain of 8 after lifting the grocery bag, put it down.

c) Under the number you put, write another to note if the pain decreased. Add in how many minutes or hours it took for it decrease.

d) Write down how you feel at the end of day, using the pain scale.

Finish by jotting down a few simple notes. Example; “After I vacuumed the living room and went grocery shopping, transferred the bags to the car and then brought them in the house, my pain was at a level of 7. I had to wait an hour to put them away, or, I asked my husband/partner to put them away as I had to lay down.

Use these steps for two weeks. Keep it gentle and simple. If you wish, you can also use this space to rage or vent about your pain. Also, remember it is very important to note what actions made you feel better.

More later. This is a building block process and I don’t wish my Peers to become overwhelmed, thereby defeating the entire process.

























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