Interesting Research from The NIMH on Sleep, The Brain, and Excitability Effects

Review figure

(The link above will lead you to a very  complex scientific collection of research articles on neurons and specifically GABA. GABA is increasingly a popular topic when discussing chronic pain.)

Good Friday Afternoon Peers,

I subscribe to several newsletters from the United States Government that relate to research, funding, and other general topics. I found this new article in my inbox this morning. It was performed to test the neuron function in the brains of persons with epilepsy, however in reading through it, I see the potential for discovering why we can not sleep.

It is not a difficult read. The study followed “excitability” and it’s highs and lows in the brain. These depend on the functioning of certain neurons. They need to be at a certain level for the brain to be “ordered” and allow restorative sleep. I have hope that this can be taken and applied to all persons with sleep disorders, including us!

Have a pain-free weekend,



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