Interesting Research Finding; Persons with Fibromyalgia have Smaller Nerve Fibers

2013 Research on 41 Participants with Fibromyalgia Found Smaller Nerve Bundles at the Periphery of Body

I thought this was interesting. As the article states about this research, it does not explain all the symptoms, but, it may have some merit. It also discusses an immune or pathology cause not yet found. And, of course, it brings back the chicken and egg question; personality types and psychological affected reasons. Despite this aspect of the questioning by the authors, give it a read.

Updated 1/25/2016:

I messaged a peer about keeping positive as fibromyalgia is not progressive; doesn’t lead to being wheelchair bound for instance. I received a message from another peer that she is somewhat wheelchair bound due to small peripherary nerve pain. This took me back to this quick post and I posted another, similar, article in response to her, with my sympathies. While this is an interesting find, it was researched in peers ages 46 and above. It also does not account for other symptoms, like brain fog, fatigue and more.

What is heartening is that research is continueing to be done, searching for the answer as to why fibromyalgia exsists. I am not convinced that this is a part of our syndrome. I believe it is yet another medical issue that co-occurs with our syndrome; often overlooked by doctors and lumped as one issue, fibro. I am convinced that our syndrome is an autoimmune system disorder. I ponder if having one autoimmune disorder brings on others? I wish doctors knew what we had, knew how best to treat it, and even how to rid of us of it entirely. Treating symptoms is not ridding us of the pain.

I remind myself that we would be treating symptoms if we had diabetes or heart disease and there may not be a cure. The difference is the excruitating pain and fatigue we experience daily. Diabetics may not experience pain until and if, they develop neuropathy, but they do experience blood sugar drops that can lead to passing out or worse. I remind myself that while we are frustrated, we hurt, we have had our lives changed, we are capable of doing what all others who have a lifelong medical issue do; find our moments of joy. Create a new life that while limited may still be fulfilling.



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