Fibromyalgia; Doctors too Often Attribute Other Health Issues to Pain, Overlooking Other, Possible Illnesses

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Research on Misdiagnosis of FM

Other Causes of Symptoms with or without Fibromyalgia

Happy December Peers!

I spend a few hours every day on the internet researching our syndrome, reading blogs about our syndrome, posts about it, and Peers questions. I am often saddened by my findings. I find people who have symptoms that seem so obviously to be “not” related to our syndrome, yet their doctor has told them it is a part of it. These people may have arthritis, MS, even brain problems like epilisy or just low blood pressure. They need educated doctors who can separate out pain from Fibromyalgia and other medical problems, but they don’t have one.

I have seen this lumping together of everything into chronic pain since I was first diagnosed. After 16 years of this, with all the new research on exactly what symptoms this syndrome causes, I would expect my Peers would be experiencing better healthcare. This is not the case, in fact it appears to be getting worse instead of better! My response to this serious problem is that we must educate ourselves and go into our doctors office armed with facts.

This is not something that we, as their patients, should have to do, but I feel we must. I read about people who are so dizzy they fall down when they get out of bed. Peers who have new symptoms like severe abdomen pain. They have a racing heart or no appetite. These are not part of chronic pain, at least not exactly and maybe completely separately.

Just because we have a chronic syndrome it doesn’t rule out acquiring diabetes, reacting oddly to a medication, heart conditions developing, arthritis and much more. Please, read my posted research links to discover what exactly Fibromyalgia is, or get on the Google bandwagon and read about it. Read about your other, new, symptoms. Take notes and bring them into the office. If your doctor refuses to consider any other cause, get another opionion. It could be lifesaving.


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