Follow-Up to Doctors Who Decide all our Medical Issues are Fibromyalgia; Research Supported

Multiple Invisable Illness Picture Tags

Several, but not all, Related Medical Issues That are not Fibromyalgia; Research

The above link is from research done in 2015. It is very useful when we are trying to discuss our medical issues with our doctors.

6 Steps to Help You Take Control of Your Relationship with Your Doctor When You are Experiencing “other” Medical Symptoms

This is a “must read”!

Hello Peers,

I recently wrote a post about doctors lumping all our complaints together once we are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. After receiving a comment from a kind lady yesterday, this issue haunted me again. It inspired the first research posted, which then lead me to find the wonderful and helpful tips of how to have a fruitful conversation with your doctor about other symptoms. Being empowered to talk with our doctors without fear is very important; I blog about this often.

I don’t think I could offer better advice then the two links above give to you. I will leave you to read through them, they are very easy to understand. As I leave you with them, I will stress that unless we take control of our health, we may lose more than we think. As we have already lost our first life, and learned to live with our new second life, please, let’s not start a third or fourth life.



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