Quick Review of Fibromyalgia Symptoms; a Response to a New Social Media Site

Headache Research/Help Site; Fibromyalgia has chronic headaches and co-occuring migraines

Government site Research of Fibromylagia and Comorbid Conditions; Excluding psychological Conditions

Just a quick post to address a social media magazine’s article today. This magazine listed our symptoms as including migraines, anxiety, and depression. I must say that this was very disturbing to me! While depression can be a comorbid condition, it is not a general condition of fibromyalgia. I have not read, in any research, that anxiety is a common comorbid occurrence. Migraines are an entirely different type of headache from the type we experience.

None of this is to say that comorbid conditions do not exist; they do. I just blogged about co-occurring conditions yesterday. I have fought the stigma that fibromyalgia is a psychological condition for years, so too have many of my Peers. I feel strongly that the magazine, who claims to be advocating for disabilities, should retract this from their article. What do you think?


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