Sick and Tired of “Cures” Disguised as Suggestions, When Really it’s Advertising

I am so very weary of having therapists, doctors, and medicine (alternative and complimentary) “cures” disguised as a peer offering us their assistance. I need more than both hands and feet to count the number of these I have seen since being diagnosed. I understand that some people have been helped or even claim they used one of these methods to rid themselves of Fibromyalgia. Most people I have encountered on forums galore, blogs, and Facebook pages have not been helped by these methods. And, most are sick and tired of these claims.  I, am one who has no use for them.

It makes me angry that they aren’t upfront with their intentions to sell a product. It makes me angry that they say they had Fibromyalgia and now do not. Why? I and thousands of others don’t believe them. Some have tried them. Some, like me, have researched them and found them to be bogus. I am angry because if, if, it was a cure then we would not have this syndrome anymore! As you all are aware of by now, I am the first to be skeptical of Big Pharma curing us with their approved medication usages for us that began as a medication for seizures or depression; if I found an alternative that really worked, I would jump on it.

When I had abnormal trigeminal nerve pain, several years prior to developing the fibro syndrome, I went to UCSF and was a guinea pig for experimental cures. These were horrible. One injection caused my entire right side of my face to droop like I had just experienced a stroke, for hours. It stopped the pain. I also had IV drip lidocaine put into my entire body. These experiments later went on to be used in trigger point injections. The research I helped them gather became useful to people like us. It never helped me; scared the heck out of me though.

My Peers. There are legitimate research studies out there, that lead to procedures and processes that really do assist us. I was in a very tight monetary situation when I participated. The medical community did not know how to help this condition. I volunteered and it helped others years later. There are research studies being performed at hospitals and universities that you can find on the internet. You can read about them and decide if you wish to proceed further. I fully support this action. But, please, don’t spend money you don’t have on items that just don’t sound quite right. I know we are often desperate to stop the pain. Be proactive. Protect yourself.

From one old-timer to new and oldies, if you stumble on a suggestion that turns out to be an advertisement, let the moderator know. Help your fellow Peers save themselves from hope that crashes them right back into anguish.




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