Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Both?

Fatigue from Post Concussion/Tramautic Brain Injury

Chronic Fatigue or PCS


Cousins, Individaul Syndromes or?

Ever since I was rear ended in 2013, I have experienced fatigue. I sleep much worse than before the accident and I can not handle more than 4 or 5 hours a day of taking care of anything; this includes just sitting and making phone calls to schedule doctors appointments. I always had a bit of fatigue, but this is new to me. I feel fatigued again today, so felt it was time to bring up these two syndromes; separate syndromes or one syndrome.

I found the research article above that has some answers, but not enough. It does assist me in trying to decide what is going on, although my inner jury is still out. I was exhausted for two years after my accident and towards the end of those years was able to blog every day. I know find that more duties, like those doctor phone calls are piling up and the rest of my day is over when I am finished. I can’t handle my prior eight hour days anymore. I stay in bed for half the day. Just blogging this today is hurting my arms, wrist and fingers, along with exhausting me and causing a headache.

I finally have a clear enough mind, I suffer from some mild post cognitive issues after the accident, and am pretty sure that something tipped in my immune system during the accident and I do suffer fatigue. I felt it was my body healing for many months. It could also be brain fatigue, not to be confused with brain fog, but does it last forever? I don’t know the answer to this. I do know I will be starting a group for brain damage soon, so that should give me further answers.

Whether it’s my brain fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, I am tired every day. I am leaning towards the side of having both at once. Any of my peers who are wondering about their exhaustion, I hope this short rant assists you to begin to draw conclusions about what you need to do on your path to wellness.


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