A Day in the Life of Anxiety–In Which I Encourage You to Live More Fearlessly than Your Mother

Good Day Peers,
I follow this wonderful woman’s blog. I am choosing to reblog this post from her as it may touch some of you where you survive. Mental health is my profession and has touched my life these last two + years as well. I am dealing with anxiety, depression and PTSD from being rear ended two+ years ago while at a red light.
My peers often tell me that they suffer from true depression and anxiety (empirical research discuses these comorbid mental health issues with fibro as well). If you are one of my peers who do have these issues, I understand. I still choose to focus on my positive moments and call them gifts; my negative are also gifts, just ones I would never have chosen.


Dear Lily June,

There is a blogger who wrote a description of anxiety recently that I feel encapsulates and encompasses so much of my reality sadly and beautifully. Your letter today is devoted, in part, to her, as she inspired me to give you (and my little corner of the blogosphere) a peek into the life I lead. Thank you, Bits, for giving me the courage to share these things with my daughter.

Without further ado, Lily, I present a Day in My Life [of Anxiety], brought to you also by the Beatles tune of similar title. I don’t have synesthesia, but the song’s instrumentation from 1:45 to 2:15 sounds like my anxiety feels. If that makes any sense.


When I sleep, Lily, I sleep fitfully. I often find my mind infested with “What If’s” and their crawling and scurrying keeps me awake at night. What if…

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