Introducing Myself as I was in 2011-2013

My Social Media Cover Letter after Graduating in 2011

Hello Peers

I am flaring today but still thinking a lot about creating a YouTube channel. I went to my old channel and found the link above. I think it gives a you a complete introduction to who I am; in reality, all that I was prior to the MVA in 2013. Still, it gives you, my peers, a chance to view me and to belief in me. Believing in me and my ability to create our YouTube channel and, later, a educational support business for us all, requires a more complete look at who I am and what I have accomplished. There are items left out, like my actual resume, but the passion and advocacy, the ability to create and design programs to assist others is captured in this social media resume. I just move much more slowly these days than I did before 2013, I am sure many of you can relate to this.

More later, once this plume of massive moisture moves away from my state and my body!


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