Rain and Cold; How to Stay Positive


It’s been pouring for five days straight. And, the cold, yuck. Lets just put it out there; my body hates it. My mind goes on “dull”. Any plans I had go right under the covers. I know if I go out, I will pay a price in my pain levels; it’s bad enough inside. My plans inside? They fly under the bed and tend to stay there. Then, I get that depressed feeling.

Today is the fifth day. Today, I am so bored that I have found several small things to take care inside the house. I am going outside to get groceries and dog food. I also need to walk my dog. It’s raining. It’s cold. But there is a limit to how much of this chronic pain, the weather controlling my increased pain, and the sadness of sitting and staring at Netflix or reading a book, that I can handle. My shoulder muscles are “out”; similar to frozen shoulder. My head aches. My neck aches, heck even my bad knee is killing me. All in all, going out is a known negative. But, I am doing it anyway.

I have help, so that is a bonus in grabbing items and having my helper drive. I also know that tomorrow that I have a very important medical appointment. There are times when the dice rolls and I just have to suck it up. This is one of those days. It is also one of those days when I know that just by “doing something, anything”, I will feel more positive than sitting and staring.  I can’t always push myself. But, I sure remember to try.

(By the way, I recommend the internet site, Happify. I also recommend the book above in the diagram)


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