Balancing Act; When Your Pain Needs a Mental Health Break

The last several weeks have had great moments and low days. On my low days, I still feel guilty when I don’t take care of business; like posting in my blog. On days with better moments, I want to take advantage of the positive and don’t post because I am living my life outside of social media. Despite understanding that living well with chronic pain requires a balance, it is still not easy to find. On my low days, I can not do much of anything; feeling guilty only adds pressure to the pain I am experiencing. During my positive moments, focusing on living should be acceptable. So, why do I still fret? I worry because it’s a natural part of being human, amplified by my limits created by living with Fibromyalgia.

These feelings of guilt were much less prevalent a few years ago. With mTBI and the accompanying anxiety and depression that came along with the mental trauma, it has amplified again. I am working on finding my positive again. I believe I am getting there. What I know is true in my situation is allowing myself to “get it together” at the pace that is healthy for me. Letting go of guilt and pressuring myself are the most important health items on my personal agenda right now. Focusing on me will allow me to focus on being a better advocate, creating educational programs for persons like me, and living with positive moments every day, instead of a few times a week.

I have gone through figuring out living well with Fibromyalgia before and I will do it again. I have advocacy skills in my education and in my bones from living it, creating it for myself when there was no other place to turn. I hope that you, my blog followers, relate to this need to spend time with yourself and won’t stop following my blog. You are my inspiration. You help me create my life plan.

During this time, please use the search box to find all my back blogs; there is a lot of useful and simple information contained in this site. I won’t stop blogging, this site is a piece of my positive. I just need to scale back for now.



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