When Everything is Overwhelming You


Overwhelmed but Appreciate Yourself

Remember to Appreciate Yourself

Today, I am overwhelmed. I am in a medium flare and have been feeling exhausted for a week. I slept too much last night; which sounds almost hilarious for us survivors with chronic pain! It is not funny at all as it causes me to get incredible neck pain. This often builds into a full flare. And, today, I have to get a few things done, period. Sigh.

I have learned that sometimes my life is just this way. I don’t want to get started. I hurt. I feel like I should just forget about it and don’t bother with anything. Then I remember why I would be worse if I did that. And, I get going. I take no rest time as I usually do each morning. If I did, I would give up. I want the benefits of the outcome of my actions, so, I…

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Fibromyalgia Awareness #1

May 12th is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, so I thought I would bring awareness on my blog all week. 

Fibromyalgia Awareness #1:  What Is Spoon Theory?

You have probably seen me use the term “Spoonie” in my posts and some of you may be wondering what that is all about. So let me explain.

A woman, Christine Miserandino, with Lupus was having lunch with her best friend who asked what it was like to be sick all the time. She picked up a handful of spoons to use as a metaphor and The Spoon Theory was born. People with different types of chronic illness sometimes refer to themselves as “spoonies”.

The basic idea is that you have a limited number of spoons each day. Every activity you do during the day, uses spoons. Some spoons are physical, some mental and some emotional.

For example:  If I have…

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Important Conversation Last Week With my Primary Care Physician and Opioids


My treatments for chronic pain are changing. This is a personal decision I chose after several years of thought and a trial run varied products in the Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Every person who lives with constant pain must decide their own paths, we are each unique with unique pain patterns and life styles. Previously, I have tried the SSRI’s, the anti-seizure meds, and over-the-counter medications. They all failed to work for me. Either they didn’t touch my pain or they fogged up my brain more than it already gets fogged. I have been left with opioid use. Opioid use as prescribed is still very hard on our entire system and causes physical dependency. This creates a slight need to increase the dosage every few years to achieve the same relief.

In order to address my overall health and decrease my dosage, I began trying CBD first, then added in a low dose of THC at night and during flares. After doing this for the last three months, I am seeing a decrease in my opioids; not dramatic but by two pills on “normal” days and more on flare days! I blog about honest relationships and taking personal responsibility with your doctor. Last week, I informed my PCP about my use and my intention to radically decrease my opioid use over a period of several months.

He was completely supportive. He believes medical marijuana has many cross modalities benefits in pain control and much less toxic effects on our system. During this discussion he informed me that the FDA will be radically changing who is allowed opioids and who can prescribe it. This will occur within five years.

I feel that this is not common knowledge in our population and decided to inform my peers. I also decided to be transparent about my decisions in pain treatment. It won’t fit for everyone, it’s not simple for me! THC knocks me out cold, meaning it’s not an option if I go out or need to work. It could adversely effect me in job searches or closing a job offer. For me, natural, less toxic, pain relief is the first step to living better, the rest will sort itself out.

Please read, and research further, the above link.



Chronic Pain and Eating Nutrious Meals


When we are going through a lot of pain, especially when it’s flaring up, eating well can feel like just another a new problem added to your life. Those hours, days, or weeks when moving is a struggle, opening up a can or ordering a pizza can feel like  it’s your only option, but it’s the not, and, it’s the worst option. We  are already dealing with constant pain, trying to keep up with chores, work, kids, friends, family, and exercise, meditation, the list keeps going. Eating can get pushed way down the ladder in our daily habit of trying to live well. This is the opposite of what we “should” have prioritized. Living with a chronic condition makes our bodies fuels very important. Healthy eating is a piece of our living well skill set we don’t often discuss; today, it is being highlighted in my blog.

When I first began living with Fibromyalgia, I often had dinner…

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My Computer is Broken😳

Dear Peers

My computer died almost two months ago, prohibiting me from blogging. At this moment I am typing on my iPhone. This is clearly not feasible for my format of blogging. I appreciate all the incredible support my blog received  on Fibromyalgia Awareness Day! 💋

I intend to be back next month. In the meantime, continue seeking your path to your new lives. Using the archives here will give you access to 166 posts.

Until next month,  all my best hopes to my peers on our journeys,

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