Chronic Pain and Eating Nutrious Meals


When we are going through a lot of pain, especially when itā€™s flaring up, eating well canĀ feel like just anotherĀ a new problem added to your life. Those hours, days, or weeks when moving is a struggle, opening up a can or ordering a pizza can feel likeĀ  itā€™s your only option, but itā€™s the not, and, itā€™s the worst option. WeĀ  are already dealing with constant pain, trying to keep up with chores, work, kids, friends, family, and exercise, meditation, the list keeps going. Eating can get pushed way down the ladder in ourĀ daily habitĀ of trying to live well. This is theĀ oppositeĀ of what weĀ ā€œshouldā€ have prioritized. Living with a chronic condition makes our bodies fuels veryĀ important. Healthy eating is a piece of our living well skill set we donā€™t often discuss; today, it is being highlighted in my blog.

When I first began living with Fibromyalgia, I often had dinnerā€¦

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