Came Across this Woman’s Experiences as a Caregiver;Posting her Blog Address as it Gives Us Insight into Our HelpersThoughts, Emotions, andCompassion



Caregiving: A New Attitude

I realize that we Peers do not suffer from the same medical issue as this blog discusses, however, as persons so often in need of extra, outside support, I feel it is always good to continue “hearing” about their side of the relationship.



When You Were First Diagnosed with Chronic Pain, What did you Need to Know to Help you Feel More in Control?

I am working on my chronic pain “Positive Tools Pathways” business. I really want my Peers input during this process. I already have 10 worksheets and handouts to assist us in discovering our individual paths to positive pain; understanding triggers and the tools that we need in our lives to achieve this.  Any input will be seriously considered 💜

Please put in comments or use my old email @, msclvwalker@ Please Note; I entered a incorrect email address when I first wrote this. Yikes! Please try again and accept my apologies

XX Lucinda