The Brain and it’s Creation of Emotional Pathways

I am reblogging this piece today.  I researched this initially to try and assist my PTSD triggers that were weaving into my existing fibromyalgia thoughts. Just living with chronic pain creates many negative self thoughts, toss in the  loss of emotional control from the trauma of a car accident (or any other victim experience), and ones thoughts truly need to retrain to holding onto positive beliefs! Prior to my last three years living with extreme anxiety and depression, I understood that my past held some traumatic moments. But I did not replay these times in my daily life. I learned many years ago to live in the moment. Sometimes the moments were filled with emotions of anger and sadness at my suffering from chronic pain. I taught myself to let those thoughts go, to replace them with “doing the best I can today”, instead of “I am wasting all this time, why me?”.  After two years of living with pain I was able to accept my bad days and returned to College. I won’t say it was easy, I still had days that I could not complete an assignment, but I treated myself kindly.  I have been relearning this concept as I struggle with chronic pain and PTSD (and other physical limitations and pain that are related to the Rearend in 2013).  If I can change my inner dialogue, so can we all.


Hello Peers, I have had to struggle with reacting since before living with Fibromyalgia. Lately, my reactions have become more intense. Without details, lots and lots of stressors/triggers, for too…

Source: The Brain and it’s Creation of Emotional Pathways


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