New Research using FMRI to “View” Brain Functions in Fibromyalgia Patients May Hold Hope for Future Treatment and Diagnosis

A respected fellow blogger posted this study today. I read through it,  having a background in reading research studies, I found this one to contain some real merit. There is still much more to study; this is sound imagery, seemingly combined with sound testing to achieve the results, however, it is a first step in many needed to actually assist us chronic pain peers at the doctors office.

I don’t have full access to this journal study in “Pain” and would feel more hope for future medical help if I knew the exact procedures used, duration, and patients symptoms combined with length of suffering. That stated, I in no way feel the research should be discounted, it should be used as the building block for continued tracking of our brain and central nervous system signals.

How the medical community will apply these findings to our treatment remains a huge unknown as well. But, a first step is always better then not stepping!

With Hope Today,


Sharing a Link to Research on the use of Complimentary Medicine

Hello Peers,

I receive email updates to the work of the “National Center for Integrative and Complimentary Research”. Their research usually relates to us, chronic pain suffers.  This one is interesting, but leaves a large question that should be answered, “what do we use them for?”. Emotional health, social health? In my experience all the peers who use these methods use them to help relieve their levels of pain. Anyone have another answer?


Weight and Pain

I recently wrote a blog piece about my lowered pain levels, or remission state, from my fibromyalgia pain. In that piece, I concluded that a year-long illness I went through, which resulted in a large weight loss was the contributing factor, so I have decided to follow it up with some actual research into this connection. And indeed, losing weight has had medical validity in pain intensity for many years now (see above link). My doctors always told me to lose weight, and to exercise. The discussion of  exercise also been a popular thread among my peers in online support rooms. Most stating it as helpful, if not with weight, at least with a healthier, happier state of mind.

I was always conflicted about this idea. I would come away from the doctors or the thread feeling shame and anger. It’s easy to tell someone with constant pain that they should get out there and walk, or swim, but it’s not so easy for that person to do. I know that just walking the dog could trigger pain for the entire next day; a very large price to pay! I want to interject here that while that is “not” occurring for me right now, it is apples to apples that it will start happening again soon (I have never experienced a remission of pain for this long, not in all my 17 years of living with fibromyalgia). Another point, in my current relief condition, is that I do still have medium pain every several days and a flare-up of pain large enough to send me to bed for the day every 7-9 days, so as I write this I am clear that this piece on weight and exercise applies to me as well as my peers. I felt shamed because I simply couldn’t create a routine of regular exercise, not with the pain threshold I live with. Anger followed because it was easier to project this feeling onto the doctors and my peers then it was to look deep inside myself and take personal responsibilty for my choices.

After losing all the weight and feeling the relief of waking up everyday at a pain level of 4 instead of the years of 5-6, I now feel ashamed that I didn’t try harder a long time ago. Lately I walk my dog farther every day then I did before, even when my pain level is at a raging 8. I make time to walk a slow three miles at least once a week. I am getting a donated recumbent exercise bike for the winter and will be applying for a low-income monthly membership to my local YMCA where I intend to use the swimming pool, take water aerobic classes, and indulge in some gentle and light weight lifting.  I am also looking into finding a free, local Tai Chi group.

I have not turned into an overnight super athlete, far from it. With the evidence of research and my own, personal experience it is obvious that the adage, “no pain, no gain” is true.  I certainly can not do all of these items weekly, but I can integrate them into an alternating monthly schedule. I will need to start slowly! My upper body is triggered very easily, simply driving the car for more than hour creates triggers in my shoulders, neck, and then head muscles (just typing this is aggravating my trapveious muscles). I am planning to begin exercising in chunks and in no more than 20 minute intervals. I will track what I actually do in my journal and then track how I feel immeaditely after, that night, and the next day. After a month or two of alternating exercising styles and journaling the resulting pain or no pain increase, I should be able to create a program that is tailored to my needs. Losing weight has definitely helped both my pain and my attitude, I am sure my seretonin levels are higher than they were, what a blessing it is for any of us to gain this important nuerotransmitter back. Despite the gift of this gain, losing so much weight has left me with wasted muscle mass (as we age we “useit or lose it”). I am keenly aware  that if I don’t start now, I may never start.

I try to share healthy, successful, positive living ideas in this blog. It would be hypocritical for me to share them and not live them myself. Besides, I love the hope of staying in a state of less pain! Try to find your weight loss path. Decide which exercise routine fits for you. Then, start tomorrow. XX

In-depth Research Information for Fibromyalgia Survivors

Hello Peers,

I felt that this informative piece should be posted for a overview of everything associated with our pain syndrome. It addresses all the nuts and bolts.


The DEA is Again Making an AlternativeMedicine into a Schedule 1 Classified Drug

Hello my Peers!

If you follow my blog, you know that I believe we all need to find our own positive path to health. While I had never heard of the herbal medicine “kratom”, I now wish I had; before it goes underground. If your like me you desire symptom relief in many forms, and those tools that work best for you should be the least invasive to your physical, social, and psychological systems. It sounds like this may very well be better than western medicine opioids. I am not promoting this herbal therapy, no, I am promoting my discouragement of our governmental system of deciding which types of therapy are best for my body.

That said, I am also a proponent of research and the better good. Research into the benefits of our medicines feels more sketchy over the last decade. Money appears to be more of a motivator then real assistance. Even then, despite solid research,  we take the blame for abuse of medicines like opioids. So, somewhere in this new scheduling there appears to be a contradiction.

Mad always, do your own research before choosing your view.

Lyrica and Lawsuits; Off-label uses, fines, and Research Empirically Showing the Drug Inhibits New Brain Cell Growth

Dear Peers

Please research this! I received a informative article in my FB account and wouldn’t you know it, my phone is acting up and won’t copy any of the valid research sites I have gone ti in order to verify the tale. Type in the keywords above and get ready. I have been personally speaking out against this and other “black label” medicines since I began my blog.

Did you know in 1994 the Pitfizer company used this for migraines and bi- polar issues? Did you know they had the largest ever fine levied against them for their black market label usage?

I encourage you to do your homework and make an informed decision about your health tools. Whatever you decide, at least you will be aware.

Selecting Supplements: LabDoor

Good day Peers

I read this post in a blog I follow and, since so many of us also use supplements to increase our well being, I felt her information was important to pass on here. Please take note of her comment about ” levels of arsenic” in one commonly used supplement! If we are already chronically living with any medical issue, we don’t need to compromise our health with items we believe are assisting us to live better; do your own homework as well as trying out the site she found to assist us. Personal responsibility is key to finding our path to our best life.

Do you take vitamins, minerals and/or other types of supplements? I take what seems to be a ridiculous amount of supplements. Some are recommended by my doctor, and others make sense for energy, good sleep, immune system and thyroid support, better digestion, etc. I make my purchasing decisions based on convenience (# of pills & size), brand familiarity, cost and customer reviews. This has always felt wrong to me, but I had no other way to decide which was the best one to pick.


Recently, I went on the hunt to find a better magnesium supplement. I have been taking a NOW brand, Magnesium Citrate 400 mg a day for a while, but it requires me to swallow two, gigantic pills at night. They are so big, that they actually hurt my throat.

Magnesium is a complicated subject. There are many forms available, some are more absorbable than others, some…

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When You Were First Diagnosed with Chronic Pain, What did you Need to Know to Help you Feel More in Control?

I am working on my chronic pain “Positive Tools Pathways” business. I really want my Peers input during this process. I already have 10 worksheets and handouts to assist us in discovering our individual paths to positive pain; understanding triggers and the tools that we need in our lives to achieve this.  Any input will be seriously considered 💜

Please put in comments or use my old email @, msclvwalker@ Please Note; I entered a incorrect email address when I first wrote this. Yikes! Please try again and accept my apologies

XX Lucinda

Food and Other Allergies in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue; and more


2016 Winter

Complex Research all Inclusive for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Causes; Aligns w/Most Peers

Many Peers seem to get a whole better, if not completely better, after doing a allergy test; especially when it comes to food allergies. I remain skeptical as I can not find any empirical research, but, I do feel it is an area that one should pursue if they can. Or, if they feel strongly that this is what is related to their pain. Health insurance plans may be the determinant as to whether one can find this answer, however, there are Alternative practitioners that can help you do an elimination diet.

The research article posted above is very complex. It goes into every working body dysfunction when one has  chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia. That said, it is worth working your way through it. For those who have suffered for many years and for those who are new to the diagnosis, it offers a breakdown of each area that may, or is, out of whack. I did a quick skim and found more information than I have after 17 years of living with fibromyalgia! I intend to go back over it slowly and think about what pieces may apply to me.

Food allergies. Recently, I began a new style of eating as a member of my household was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. Soon thereafter, I began experiencing intense and painful gut issues, which changed my diet to an extremely limited one. I can not say that I feel better in terms of my pain. I can say that despite these changes, reading labels and eating limited foods in small amounts, that I do not know if I am allergic to these few food types and would fare better if I did eat limited and small foods that are different from these current ones.

Although this article is not about these items, the research above delves into probable causes of chronic fatigue, perhaps depression, and fibromyalgia. PTSD, which changes our brain perhaps permanently in our neurotransmitters, viruses that we may have had, or have that started the cascade into fatigue and brain fog, and traumatic childhoods. I have written about inheriting genes from our grandmothers who had trauma, that then is possibly causing our bodies to feel the trauma and derail the transmitters.

I will be looking into this subject more in our new year of 2016.  I am happy to be back at my computer, blogging away with advocacy and positive hopes. The holidays were quiet and stressful. The winter weather is, as always, very difficult. I wish all of you the least stressful and painful year possible,



Sick and Tired of “Cures” Disguised as Suggestions, When Really it’s Advertising

I am so very weary of having therapists, doctors, and medicine (alternative and complimentary) “cures” disguised as a peer offering us their assistance. I need more than both hands and feet to count the number of these I have seen since being diagnosed. I understand that some people have been helped or even claim they used one of these methods to rid themselves of Fibromyalgia. Most people I have encountered on forums galore, blogs, and Facebook pages have not been helped by these methods. And, most are sick and tired of these claims.  I, am one who has no use for them.

It makes me angry that they aren’t upfront with their intentions to sell a product. It makes me angry that they say they had Fibromyalgia and now do not. Why? I and thousands of others don’t believe them. Some have tried them. Some, like me, have researched them and found them to be bogus. I am angry because if, if, it was a cure then we would not have this syndrome anymore! As you all are aware of by now, I am the first to be skeptical of Big Pharma curing us with their approved medication usages for us that began as a medication for seizures or depression; if I found an alternative that really worked, I would jump on it.

When I had abnormal trigeminal nerve pain, several years prior to developing the fibro syndrome, I went to UCSF and was a guinea pig for experimental cures. These were horrible. One injection caused my entire right side of my face to droop like I had just experienced a stroke, for hours. It stopped the pain. I also had IV drip lidocaine put into my entire body. These experiments later went on to be used in trigger point injections. The research I helped them gather became useful to people like us. It never helped me; scared the heck out of me though.

My Peers. There are legitimate research studies out there, that lead to procedures and processes that really do assist us. I was in a very tight monetary situation when I participated. The medical community did not know how to help this condition. I volunteered and it helped others years later. There are research studies being performed at hospitals and universities that you can find on the internet. You can read about them and decide if you wish to proceed further. I fully support this action. But, please, don’t spend money you don’t have on items that just don’t sound quite right. I know we are often desperate to stop the pain. Be proactive. Protect yourself.

From one old-timer to new and oldies, if you stumble on a suggestion that turns out to be an advertisement, let the moderator know. Help your fellow Peers save themselves from hope that crashes them right back into anguish.