Flaring in Pain all Weekend

I spent both Saturday and Sunday in pain, and, in bed. The first increase in pain was due to lifting a box that was too heavy for me. I have not done this in a very long (knowing that it is not something I am capable of doing). I was a at a reuse store and ran into an old friend. In the midst of our talking excitedly, I forgot about my toolkit and lifted the box up to the counter, then out to the car where it was took a bit of awkward moving to get it into the back seat. Sure enough, the next day, Saturday, I woke up with a strained arm, shoulder, and neck. The pain then began to radiate up my neck. I tried to get up and move through it, but within 10 minutes I was back in bed. The next day, Sunday, the pain was worse as the rain moved in. I now was in a full flare; pain scale level about a 7 1/2. It finally calmed down about 5pm.

This was an angry and sad time for me. I tried to practice appectance but had to remind myself several times throughout the weekend. I was upset at myself for not practicing my toolkit rules. I also knew that this was a good preview of the El Nino weather coming up. I am sorry to say that accepting this is not easy for me. I have become used to being somewhat in charge of my pain.

I posted research right before this post, for my Peers as well as for a reminder to myself that I have to start these exercises now, before El Nino comes in.

Wishing all of you a pain-free, or less pain, this week.


Fibromyalgia and Research Studies on Movement Techniques, Water Therapy, and Acupuncture

usq.gov NICH Research to use as your own guide

Happy Monday Peers,

I thought this would be a useful link for you to look at.