The DEA is Again Making an AlternativeMedicine into a Schedule 1 Classified Drug

Hello my Peers!

If you follow my blog, you know that I believe we all need to find our own positive path to health. While I had never heard of the herbal medicine “kratom”, I now wish I had; before it goes underground. If your like me you desire symptom relief in many forms, and those tools that work best for you should be the least invasive to your physical, social, and psychological systems. It sounds like this may very well be better than western medicine opioids. I am not promoting this herbal therapy, no, I am promoting my discouragement of our governmental system of deciding which types of therapy are best for my body.

That said, I am also a proponent of research and the better good. Research into the benefits of our medicines feels more sketchy over the last decade. Money appears to be more of a motivator then real assistance. Even then, despite solid research,  we take the blame for abuse of medicines like opioids. So, somewhere in this new scheduling there appears to be a contradiction.

Mad always, do your own research before choosing your view.


Lyrica and Lawsuits; Off-label uses, fines, and Research Empirically Showing the Drug Inhibits New Brain Cell Growth

Dear Peers

Please research this! I received a informative article in my FB account and wouldn’t you know it, my phone is acting up and won’t copy any of the valid research sites I have gone ti in order to verify the tale. Type in the keywords above and get ready. I have been personally speaking out against this and other “black label” medicines since I began my blog.

Did you know in 1994 the Pitfizer company used this for migraines and bi- polar issues? Did you know they had the largest ever fine levied against them for their black market label usage?

I encourage you to do your homework and make an informed decision about your health tools. Whatever you decide, at least you will be aware.

Interesting Research from The NIMH on Sleep, The Brain, and Excitability Effects

Review figure

(The link above will lead you to a very  complex scientific collection of research articles on neurons and specifically GABA. GABA is increasingly a popular topic when discussing chronic pain.)

Good Friday Afternoon Peers,

I subscribe to several newsletters from the United States Government that relate to research, funding, and other general topics. I found this new article in my inbox this morning. It was performed to test the neuron function in the brains of persons with epilepsy, however in reading through it, I see the potential for discovering why we can not sleep.

It is not a difficult read. The study followed “excitability” and it’s highs and lows in the brain. These depend on the functioning of certain neurons. They need to be at a certain level for the brain to be “ordered” and allow restorative sleep. I have hope that this can be taken and applied to all persons with sleep disorders, including us!

Have a pain-free weekend,


Finally, Research that is Complex but has Answers to the Direct Dsyfunctions in the Fibromyalgia Syndrome, with Strong Evidence for What Supplements to Take, and What Supplements not to Take

flying bird freedom coming in for a landing

Complex Research but Great Information

Good Afternoon

This research is not entirely new to the world of Fibromyalgia Peers. It is dense reading, I recommend spending about ten minutes at a time reading through it. I have read about items like 5HTP before, but this article helps me to understand exactly why I actually should be taking it. It also confirms my belief that taking the medications that boost serotonin are actually bad for you *(this is my personal, not professional opinion; as always, please use this information to discuss with your doctor)*. There is so much great information about what we should be taking and why it could really help, additionally what we should not take and why, that I will not try to reword it any of it.

I am going to read the entire article again. When I do, I will read each part separately, journal on hand, to take notes. I will take these notes with the link to this article, to my next visit to my doctor. All these years I have been advocating for research on “what can I take” that might assist this syndrome. I feel, personally, that I finally found those answers! I am one grateful lady today.

I hope you can read this and find ideas that will work for you. If it is just too overwhelming, have a trusted friend read it for you, taking notes on the supplements you should take and those you should not; with the full link to the article. Spend time digesting it. If it sounds like something you too want to try, bring the notes and article link to your doctor 🙂

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Advisor