New Research using FMRI to “View” Brain Functions in Fibromyalgia Patients May Hold Hope for Future Treatment and Diagnosis

A respected fellow blogger posted this study today. I read through it,  having a background in reading research studies, I found this one to contain some real merit. There is still much more to study; this is sound imagery, seemingly combined with sound testing to achieve the results, however, it is a first step in many needed to actually assist us chronic pain peers at the doctors office.

I don’t have full access to this journal study in “Pain” and would feel more hope for future medical help if I knew the exact procedures used, duration, and patients symptoms combined with length of suffering. That stated, I in no way feel the research should be discounted, it should be used as the building block for continued tracking of our brain and central nervous system signals.

How the medical community will apply these findings to our treatment remains a huge unknown as well. But, a first step is always better then not stepping!

With Hope Today,


Change in Weather, it’s Fall, Here Comes the Rain and Wind; Adjusting My Goals

Well it’s the time of year I always try not to think about. The temperatures drop, the wind sneaks under my jacket, and water flows from the dark clouds as the barometric pressure drops. Despite keeping up my positive expectations for my life with fibro, the start of this change in our weather patterns brings a sense of fear in. Each year I believe I will do better when it hits, and each year I learn again that this is simply not how my body reacts.

While my body reacts with an increase in my pain levels, my mind  begins the internal struggle of acceptance. I find my thoughts at war.  The flares of pain put me back in bed making one part of my emotions lean towards hopeless. The mindful self jumps in and begins planning how to accept living well doing less. It’s interesting to observe.

I know my friends and family probably feel that I should be used to these increased pain changes and continue to get on with life. I could buy into this belief and get upset with myself, but to what end goal? Being angry at myself only serves to increase my pain by creating additional emotional stress.

Today I am in bed. I am observing these thoughts right now. I am not angry at my pain. Disappointed, yes. Tomorrow I will regroup my plans for my expectations of how much and where I can work, do household chores, and continue my exercise routine (one I just created). Today, I accept the need for rest.

Quick Review of Fibromyalgia Symptoms; a Response to a New Social Media Site

Headache Research/Help Site; Fibromyalgia has chronic headaches and co-occuring migraines

Government site Research of Fibromylagia and Comorbid Conditions; Excluding psychological Conditions

Just a quick post to address a social media magazine’s article today. This magazine listed our symptoms as including migraines, anxiety, and depression. I must say that this was very disturbing to me! While depression can be a comorbid condition, it is not a general condition of fibromyalgia. I have not read, in any research, that anxiety is a common comorbid occurrence. Migraines are an entirely different type of headache from the type we experience.

None of this is to say that comorbid conditions do not exist; they do. I just blogged about co-occurring conditions yesterday. I have fought the stigma that fibromyalgia is a psychological condition for years, so too have many of my Peers. I feel strongly that the magazine, who claims to be advocating for disabilities, should retract this from their article. What do you think?