New Research using FMRI to “View” Brain Functions in Fibromyalgia Patients May Hold Hope for Future Treatment and Diagnosis

A respected fellow blogger posted this study today. I read through it,  having a background in reading research studies, I found this one to contain some real merit. There is still much more to study; this is sound imagery, seemingly combined with sound testing to achieve the results, however, it is a first step in many needed to actually assist us chronic pain peers at the doctors office.

I don’t have full access to this journal study in “Pain” and would feel more hope for future medical help if I knew the exact procedures used, duration, and patients symptoms combined with length of suffering. That stated, I in no way feel the research should be discounted, it should be used as the building block for continued tracking of our brain and central nervous system signals.

How the medical community will apply these findings to our treatment remains a huge unknown as well. But, a first step is always better then not stepping!

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A Link to the National Institute of Health; What is Fibromyalgia?

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Hello Peers,

Today is a pain flare day for me, not too bad, mostly fibro fog with a headache. I spent most of the day trying to figure out what to blog about. I realized that while I began this blog discussing many, many items about living Well with Fibro, I have not posted about the actual symptoms. Yes, I discussed that their is variation in my last post. I found this on the internet today and believe it to be one of the better, and less biased, descriptors. It is also fairly in-depth.

I hope it assists any new fibro survivors.

Lucinda, Fibro Peer Advocate/Life Coach Advisor

Post with answers to the question, “What is Fibromyalgia?”

This is one of the better descriptions I have found posted on the internet. The has many evidence-based, simple, readable posts about chronic pain.

Follow this link to learn about your new chronic pain:

As usual, any questions or thoughts, please post to your Fibro Peers.

Lucinda Tart, Fibromyalgia Peer Advocate/Life Skills Coach